What is Nishiura Onsen?

Nishiura Onsen, located at the tip of the Nishiura Peninsula, is an onsen town of scenic beauty with a 360-degree panoramic view of the ocean. The poets of Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) loved this place because of its beauty, and in the neighborhood, there are trails called Manyo no Komichi and Haiku no Michi that collect their poems. Nishiura is also known as a mecca for various marine sports and sea fishing.
What is Nishiura Onsen?

Cherry Blossom Festival Cherry Blossom Festival

The festival is held every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of April, offering and selling amazake (sweet fermented rice drink) and mitarashi dango (balls of rice-flour dough on a bamboo stick dipped in a soy and sugar syrup) to visitors. Cherry blossoms are illuminated at night (18:00 to 21:00) during the blooming period.

Clam Digging

Gamagori, Aichi is one of the leading clam production areas in Japan. You can enjoy clam digging at two beaches at Nishiura Onsen! Clams taste good especially when grilled or added to miso soup. Let your family enjoy various kinds of tasty clam dishes.

Nishiura Palm Beach Nishiura Palm Beach

During July 1 to August 31, the Nishiura Onsen Palm Beach located inside Nishiura Onsen is open as a swimming beach. During this period, various events are held at the summer festival called Nishiura Wonder Summer Carnival.

Laguna Ten Bosch

It is a seaside dream of admiration and sparkle! Having a view of the nature-rich Mikawa Bay, Laguna Gamagori, a marine resort complex, offers an advanced resort experience with entertainment, food and restaurants, shopping, thalassotherapy, and onsens!

Muryouji, Temple of Cancer Sealing Muryouji, Temple of Cancer Sealing

It is an ancient temple from the Heian period and has been long known as a temple of warding off evil and sealing off cancer. There are many votive picture tablets for cancer sealing to which worshippers from all over the nation made their wishes. You can listen to a unique sermon about cancer prevention from the chief priest.

Hill on Which Morning Sun Shines and Hill on Which Evening Sun Glows Hill on Which Morning Sun Shines and Hill on Which Evening Sun Glows

They are observation spots installed in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Opening Nishiura Onsen. Each is at Nishiura-Enchi and Manyo no Komichi. Why don't you ring the Bell of Hope and Bell of Truth while overlooking the wonderful scenery of a sweeping view of Mikawa Bay?

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