Introduction of Events

Forestry and Fisheries Festival
» Forestry and Fisheries Festival

At the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival, various events, such as fairs, exhibitions, and on-site sales, are held, where agricultural products, livestock products, and sea products produced in the city are available. For example, the sea products from Mikawa Bay and the Gamagori greenhouse oranges that are pre-eminent in Japan in yield are exhibited and sold.

clam digging
» clam digging

In Gamagori, you can enjoy clam digging at each beach. Since clams spit seawater from the underground, holes are made in the surface of the sand. Dig 15 cm around the holes, then, you can easily find clams. Why don’t you become absorbed in clam digging while feeling the pleasant Mikawa’s breeze (until the end of June)?

Cherry Blossom Festival
» Cherry Blossom Festival

The festival is held every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of April, offering and selling amazake (sweet fermented rice drink) and mitarashi dango (balls of rice-flour dough on a bamboo stick dipped in a soy and sugar syrup) to visitors. Cherry blossoms are illuminated at night (18:00 to 21:00) during the blooming period.

Gamagori Tezutsu Hanabi Festival
» Gamagori Tezutsu Hanabi Festival

The traditional Tezutsu Hanabi (handheld firework) is characteristic of the fireworks in the area of Mikawa and Enshu, and its origin goes back to the Warring States Period. At the Gamagori Tezutsu Hanabi Festival, each man holds a fire-spraying tube and remains standing powerfully while a pillar of fire rises with a roaring sound from his tube. This is a heroic, brave, and gorgeous spectacle.

Ajisai Festival
» Ajisai Festival

Boasting the number one in Tokai Area, the Ajisai Festival has 50,000 full-bloom hydrangeas. During the period, hydrangeas are illuminated until 9:30 pm, which makes over 120 kinds of hydrangeas look all the more charming. During the night, you can also see dances of fireflies.

Nishiura Palm Beach
» Nishiura Palm Beach

During July 1 to August 31, the Nishiura Onsen Palm Beach located inside Nishiura Onsen is open as a swimming beach. During this period, various events are held at the summer festival called Nishiura Wonder Summer Carnival.

>The Gamagori Festiva
» The Gamagori Festival

The Gamagori Festival, the summer tradition in Gamagori, features Shosanjakudama firework with a diameter of 90 cm, which is performed on Sunday at the display of fireworks on a summer evening. It is launched from a boat on the sea and has a diameter of 650 m when it opens in the sky!

Mikawa de Onpaku
» Mikawa de Onpaku

Mikawa de Onpaku is held during the autumn season in each Mikawa area where you can have Mikawa’s amusement and experience during which you would unconsciously say Wao! Many other events are also held during autumn in Mikawa. Let’s play in Mikawa and stay in Nishiura Onsen!

Miya Festival
» Miya Festival

In the Miya Festival, many men pull powerfully the beautiful big festival cars called Yama. The second day of the festival, you can see a powerful spectacle called “Kaichutogyo” in which men parade across the ocean about 300m pulling 4 Yamas.

Craft Fair
» Craft Fair

At the Craft Fair in Gamagori, traditional artisans and craft artists from across the nation gather and display their work into which they put their skills and heart!

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