Introduction of Sightseeing Spots

Muryouji, Temple of Cancer Sealing
» Muryouji, Temple of Cancer Sealing

It is an ancient temple from the Heian period and has been long known as a temple of warding off evil and sealing off cancer. There are many votive picture tablets for cancer sealing to which worshippers from all over the nation made their wishes. You can listen to a unique sermon about cancer prevention from the chief priest.

Hill on Which Morning Sun Shines and Hill on Which Evening Sun Glows
» Hill on Which Morning Sun Shines and Hill on Which Evening Sun Glows

They are observation spots installed in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Opening Nishiura Onsen. Each is at Nishiura-Enchi and Manyo no Komichi. Why don't you ring the Bell of Hope and Bell of Truth while overlooking the wonderful scenery of a sweeping view of Mikawa Bay?

Manyo no Komichi
» Manyo no Komichi

On the hill of Nishiura Onsen, there is a 400 m promenade leading to Inamura Shrine. Along this promenade, there are some monuments inscribed with poems associated with this area read by the poets of Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves). Flowers read in Manyoshu, such as Japanese beauty-berries and white-flowered bush clovers, are in full bloom. The view from the promenade is magnificent.

Spa Nishiura Motor Park
» Spa Nishiura Motor Park

It is a circuit officially approved by JAF and MFJ. The total circuit length is 1,561 m. The course is available for use by motorcycles and cars, and many events are held and schools are opened. For beginners, test runs and rental karts are available, so feel free to try it!

Nishiura Palm Beach
» Nishiura Palm Beach

During July 1 to August 31, the Nishiura Onsen Palm Beach located inside Nishiura Onsen is open as a swimming beach. During this period, various events are held at the summer festival called Nishiura Wonder Summer Carnival.


It is a sea kayak shop based in Aichi. The sea kayak schools at Mikawa Bay are mainly held through the schools and tours at Mikawa Bay throughout the year.


We sell boats, jet ski bikes, used boats, and used jet ski bikes, in Aichi. Please let us handle the acquisition of the license for the jet ski bike and boat.

Nishiura Fish Market
» Nishiura Fish Market

Various sizes of fishing boats arrive at the Nishiura Fish Market, thus it is one of the leading fishing ports in Aichi where abundant fish and seafood are landed. Please visit and come around.

» Takeshima

Takeshima is a symbol of Gamagori. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge with a length of 387 m and designated a natural monument. At the center of the island, Yaotomi Shrine is one of seven Japanese Benzaiten Shrines.


We have more than 20 different attractions, enjoyable original shows, and night shows using fountains, music, and illuminations! Among those, the hands-on RPG attraction, MAGIQUEST is a very popular attraction that both children and adults become addicted to. So why don’t you give it a try? Many events are held during all seasons, such as pools or fireworks in summer.

Ajisai Festival
» Ajisai Festival

Every year for a month from June 1 to June 30, Katahara Onsen Ajisai no Sato, filled with 50,000 planted full-bloom hydrangeas, sponsors the Ajisai Festival. During the period, a special bus service is available and more than 80,000 people visit the festival. Some events are held, such as the exhibition of Japanese Ajisai that displays about 100 pots of rare hydrangeas, the contest of sightseeing pictures, and Haiku no Kai (where Japanese poems are read).

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