Introduction of Japanese Style Onsen Inns


Guest rooms are light colored Japanese-style modern rooms with a Scandinavian taste, and the price includes all services. This woman-friendly inn exclusive for women has a sweeping view of Mikawa Bay from the high spot of the tip of the Nishiura Peninsula, and offers a dinner of creative Japanese dainty and refined dishes called “kaiseki” with the use of Mikawa’s fresh ingredients.

Nishiura Grand Hotel KIKKEI�
» Nishiura Grand Hotel KIKKEI

We are located in the best location; therefore, all guest rooms have a sweeping view of calm Mikawa Bay Quashi-National Park. The swimming beach is just in front of the hotel, so you can come and go between your room and the beach with your swimsuit on. We have a good reputation for our “Mikawa Iso Kaiseki” of dainty and refined Japanese dishes with Mikawa’s seafood, and we have a good reputation for the fine view open-air baths on the top floor.

Shunkei Roman GIMPASOU
» Shunkei Roman GIMPASOU

Gimpaso, located at the tip of the Nishiura Peninsula, preserves the old house’s hospitality. Three open-air baths and full-scale beauty salon treatments are available. Please enjoy the seasonal specialty dishes cooked by our master chef and a grand view of Mikawa Bay.

Tenku Kaiyu no Yado SUEHIRO
» Tenku Kaiyu no Yado SUEHIRO

We welcome you with Mikawa’s seafood dishes and the best view of Nishiura Onsen. All guest rooms have an ocean view. We also have rooms with an open-air bath. The view from our baths is of course exceptional. Please come and stay at Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro.


Tatsuki is an elegant white-walled resort inn that overlooks Mikawa Bay and has a white lighthouse nearby. The beautiful ocean changes it appearance every moment as time passes, which will heal your tired mind and body from the trip.


All guest rooms have a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay. One of our specialties is the Yuyu Onsen Zone, which allows you to enjoy 10 kinds of onsen baths. You can enjoy the Mikawa Bay’s changing scenery from the main baths, fine view open-air baths, and private open-air baths.

 Wa no Resort HAZU
»  Wa no Resort HAZU

Wa no Resort Hazu was established as the fifth original concept of Hazu Group. We have inherited the refined services and hospitality and extend the Japanese hospitality to every corner, which will pleasantly touch your aesthetic sense.

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Himeyado HANAKAZASHI Nishiura Grand Hotel KIKKEI Shunkei Roman GIMPASOU Tenku Kaiyu no Yado SUEHIRO