Himeyado Hanakazashi

Himeyado Hanakazashi
» Himeyado Hanakazashi

Guest rooms are light colored Japanese-style modern rooms with a Scandinavian taste, and the price includes all services. This woman-friendly inn exclusive for women has a sweeping view of Mikawa Bay from the high spot of the tip of the Nishiura Peninsula, and offers a dinner of creative Japanese dainty and refined dishes called “kaiseki” with the use of Mikawa’s fresh ingredients.

High-Class Inn Exclusive for Women
» “High-Class Inn Exclusive for Women”, which is very unique in Japan.

This inn is for adult ladies who love traveling. Inside the premises, we hold complimentary daily activities with the theme of beauty and health as well as outdoor activities by which you can explore or experience “Sea Town, Nishiura”. We hope you enjoy your stay in your own way through relaxing or having various experience.

The dishes
» The dishes

Jumping the barrier of the traditional Japanese style, our dinner of creative Japanese kaiseki courses is served by using not only fresh seafood from Mikawa Bay such as akazaebi (Japanese lobster) and mehikari (big-eyed, green-eyed fish) but also seasonal local ingredients. “What is the next dish?” Your heart will be bounded with expectation. Please enjoy our exciting dinner.

Onsen(Hot Spring)
» Onsen(Hot Spring)

There are two main baths with different tastes, and each has an indoor bath and an open-air bath. Both baths are in a good location, allowing you to view Mikawa Bay. You can refresh your mind and body when you soak in Mikawa’s famous bihakusen (hot spa with a skin-whitening effect) and overlook a grand view of Mikawa Bay.

Facility in Premise
Open-Air Bath Private Open-Air Bath Bedrock Bath Sauna
Foot Bath Beauty Treatment Salon Bath for Day Trippers Plan for Day Trippers
Pool The Physically Challenged Karaoke Room Washlet
Amenity of Bath
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer Shower Cap
Cotton Cotton Swab
Amenity of Guest Room
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Set of Tooth Brush Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer
Cotton Cotton Swab Shower Cap Refrigerator
Basic information
Name of springhead Bihakusen
Guest room Capacity 51 rooms, 250 guests
Address Oyama , Aichi Prefecture Gamagori Nishiura -cho, 17-1
TEL 0533-57-5721
Official Website http://www.himeyado.com/

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