Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro

Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro
» Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro

We welcome you with Mikawa’s seafood dishes and the best view of Nishiura Onsen. All guest rooms have an ocean view. We also have rooms with an open-air bath. The view from our baths is of course exceptional. Please come and stay at Tenku Kaiyu no Yado Suehiro.

Onsen(Hot Spring)
» Onsen(Hot Spring)

Nishiura Onsen is an onsen town of scenic beauty located on the tip of the peninsula and surrounded on all sides by the ocean. Suehiro stands on the high spot of Nishiura Onsen; therefore, you have a grand view of Mikawa Bay from every bath. Please enjoy the elegant and beautiful scenery every morning, afternoon, and evening in each season while spending time in various types of baths such as the sky open-air bath, private open-air bath, and bedrock bath.

Bedrock Bath
» Bedrock Bath

Bedrock bathing, attracting attention as a method of keeping fit by sweating, is easily available on the premises. For lady guests to feel at ease, we have an exclusive room for them, and also a private room for couples and families.

At the Kai bedrock bath, we do not use the method of forced sweating from high humidity. We rather keep the temperature and humidity at lower degrees, such as around 40℃ for the surface of the natural rocks and around 45% for humidity. This is the original bedrock bathing method and reduces the burden on the body.

» Room

We have various styles of rooms for you to spend pleasant time, such as comfortable standard rooms in a Japanese style, rooms with a private foot bath on the deck, rooms with an open-air bath that allow you to look over the ocean while soaking in the bath, or spacious group rooms suitable for family and friends to have a relaxing time. Each room has its own concept that matches the purpose, and we hope you enjoy it.

Facility in Premise
Open-Air Bath Private Open-Air Bath Bedrock Bath Sauna
Foot Bath Beauty Treatment Salon Bath for Day Trippers Plan for Day Trippers
Pool The Physically Challenged Karaoke Room Washlet
Amenity of Bath
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer Shower Cap
Cotton Cotton Swab
Amenity of Guest Room
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Set of Tooth Brush Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer
Cotton Cotton Swab Shower Cap Refrigerator
Basic information
Name of springhead Bihakusen
Guest room Capacity 70 rooms(20 Open-Air Bath rooms) 350 guests
Address Oyama , Aichi Prefecture Gamagori Nishiura -cho, 17
TEL 0533-57-9111
Official Website http://www.hotelsuehiro.co.jp/

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