Tatsuki is an elegant white-walled resort inn that overlooks Mikawa Bay and has a white lighthouse nearby. The beautiful ocean changes it appearance every moment as time passes, which will heal your tired mind and body from the trip.

» Dishes

Our dishes use seasonal fresh seafood. Since we want you to be fully satisfied with the trip to Mikawa, we persistently focus on the bounties from Nishiura, which is the essence of our hospitality.

We serve warm dishes warm, cold dishes cold, and make delicious ingredients more delicious. Our chefs do their best to make the most of fresh seasonal ingredients and welcome you with their skills and spirit.

» Onsen(Hot Spring)

The Nishiura Peninsula juts out into Mikawa Bay and is surrounded by the Atsumi Peninsula on the east and the Chita Peninsula on the west. Please enjoy the evening sun glowing across this area while soaking in our baths that have a sense of spaciousness, and fully refresh yourself from the fatigue of the trip. The open-air baths have a sweeping view of Mikawa Bay, and its scenery is just magnificent. Please let yourself hear the sound of waves, feel the breeze of Nishiura, and see the star-filled sky while soaking in the bath, which is the real pleasure and the best part of Onsen.

» Rooms

All guest rooms have a view of the grand Mikawa Bay. We have many different types of rooms, such as guest rooms facing the ocean with the size of 12 mats and an open-air bath for one guest, guest rooms with the size of 20 mats that are well-reputed by group guests, special rooms equipped with a Japanese style room and a western style room that are connected to each other, and special rooms with the traditional Japanese style called “Shoin Zukuri.” Please spend a relaxing time looking at the scenery of Mikawa Bay, which changes every moment by the rise and fall of the calm tides.

Facility in Premise
Open-Air Bath Private Open-Air Bath Bedrock Bath Sauna women
Foot Bath Beauty Treatment Salon Bath for Day Trippers Plan for Day Trippers
Pool The Physically Challenged Karaoke Room Washlet
Amenity of Bath
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer Shower Cap
Cotton Cotton Swab
Amenity of Guest Room
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Set of Tooth Brush Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer
Cotton Cotton Swab Shower Cap Refrigerator
Basic information
Name of springhead Bihakusen
Guest room Capacity 73 rooms , 450 guests
Address Oyama , Aichi Prefecture Gamagori Nishiura -cho, 25
TEL 0533-57-5111
Official Website http://www.tatsuki-aoi.com/

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