Hotel Tokaien

Hotel Tokaien
» Hotel Tokaien

All guest rooms have a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay. One of our specialties is the Yuyu Onsen Zone, which allows you to enjoy 10 kinds of onsen baths. You can enjoy the Mikawa Bay’s changing scenery from the main baths, fine view open-air baths, and private open-air baths.

» Dishes

Another specialty is that we serve seasonal food from the land and sea. Fresh ingredients collected around the neighborhood will be transformed into the Mikawa’s local cuisines. We hope you will enjoy our original creative cuisines. Other than that, we have buffet style dishes for which we also use fresh bounties from the sea and land. Please fully enjoy about 40 kinds of Mikawa’s seasonal food, such as sliced raw fish, appetizers and desserts that we recommend especially to women, steaks grilled on the hot iron plate, freshly deep-fried tempura, and hitumabushi (Nagoya dish of stripes of broiled eels on rice).

Onsen(Hot Spring)
» Onsen(Hot Spring)

We have marble stone baths and cypress baths both of which have a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay, open-air baths with a pleasant ocean breeze, Jacuzzi baths that ease even your mind, saunas that refresh your mind and body, and private open-air baths that lavishly allow you to have the evening sun setting in Mikawa Bay all to yourself. Please enjoy a relaxing time to your heart’s content looking at the Mikawa’s beautiful setting sun or the moon over the ocean.

Rose Este
» Rose Este

Since we want you to refresh both your mind and body through your five senses in the nature–rich environment, we have beauty salon treatments which allow you to spend a supreme time while looking at ocean. Among the treatments, the treatment with rose oil called “Rose Este” is very popular. The fragrance of roses is said to make us feel happy. The treatment is all performed by hands. You can spend an elegant time being surrounded by the fragrance of roses.

Facility in Premise
Open-Air Bath Private Open-Air Bath Bedrock Bath Sauna
Foot Bath Beauty Treatment Salon Bath for Day Trippers Plan for Day Trippers
Pool The Physically Challenged Karaoke Room Washlet
Amenity of Bath
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer Shower Cap
Cotton Cotton Swab
Amenity of Guest Room
Shampoo Conditioner Body Soap Soap
Set of Tooth Brush Brush Toothpaste Shaving Dryer
Cotton Cotton Swab Shower Cap Refrigerator
Basic information
Name of springhead Bihakusen
Guest room Capacity 82 rooms , 556 guests
Address Oyama , Aichi Prefecture Gamagori Nishiura -cho, 17-1
TEL 0533-57-2161
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